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We help create stunning animated videos including character animations, motion graphic videos, logo animations, kinetic typography and more.

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The Secrete
Behind Conversion

Our animated videos increase your conversion rates, reduce your bounce rate and make your site rank better in search engines.

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In Video Productions!

We have created numerous videos for various vertical focused businesses. We specialize in providing the best value for your marketing dollars.

Turn Your Explainer Video In To
A “Multiple Marketing Tool”.

Create videos that add value to your marketing campaigns and use them as an extension of your marketing resources.

Design & Style

Explainer Animated Video

Animated explainer videos, (sometimes called homepage videos and whiteboard videos) are a good way to explain your concept efficiently so that you get the most attention you can.

3D Animation Video

3D modeling and animation is the perfect way to tell your story when your ideas are conceptual, your product is still in production or where the story to be told precludes on location filming.

Corporate Video

Need something more corporate and professional, this style gives the chic elegance for that defines your brand.

Toon Video

This is old school cartoon animation style that uses enhanced, animated and articulated characters to explain your product or service.

Wordplay Video

This is a unique style that combines powerful words with symbolic icons to represent any concept that is impossible to be explained with cartoons.

Our Work

Our process!

Concept and Script

At MediaTrumpet we understand that the foundation of any great video is a creative, engaging story. With hundreds of videos under our belt, we’ll write a script with the help of a simple questionnaire that effectively communicates your message.


With the right concept and message in place, we’ll sketch up a storyboard that explains our vision for the video scene-by-scene. This is where the story really starts to come alive.


An explainer video should be unique to your business and accurately reflect your brand. That’s why we create every single video from scratch using custom illustration and design.


Our team of illustrators will create the rest of the graphics assets for the explainer video production: characters, backgrounds, elements, etc.


If you have an important message to deliver, you want to have the right person delivering it. We let you choose a voice from our curated selection of professional voice talent.


It’s the little things that count, and when it comes to video, sound design makes all the difference. We find the perfect song and sound effects to make your explainer video shine.

Production and animation

We collaborate with some of the most talented animators and videographers in the industry. But don’t take our word for it, check out our work to see the difference.


We deliver the explainer video in the format you need so you can embed it on your site and start increasing your conversions right away!

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Our packages start from 30-second simple 2D animated videos to custom 3D advanced visual effects. To help us better understand your needs, please complete this simple form so we can reach out to you with an accurate quote.