Animated video can be a great tool to help increase your brand following. There are some ways you can do this. Below are some of the best techniques for doing this.

  • Let the animation speak for itself – By using animated video, you don’t have to worry about “tooting your own horn” too much. You can let the animated video do it for you. Using animated characters or other animations within your video, you can let the video do the talking and the sales pitch and stay in the background as the company CEO or owner.
  • Capture client testimonials – Do you have some people who are satisfied customers who are willing to say a few words on behalf of your brand? You can use animated video characters to stand for the actual customers and then ask the customer to do a voiceover of their testimonial to add to the production. Alternately, you could use voice actors or text to voice software. Just make sure the testimonial sounds like a natural person and is not too robotic. People watching will understand that the animation just symbolizes your actual customers and they will take the testimonial as a real testimonial. But you should make it as authentic as possible by adding the name of the real customer and their location or something like that to add to the credibility.
  • Use whiteboard animation to explain a procedure – You can use whiteboard animations to explain a process that requires a step-by-step procedure. Using the magic of whiteboard technology, you can use the “drawing hand” to sketch out the graphics and text that you need to explain the process. Once you get it done, share it on Facebook or your blog or main website to help increase your following.
  • Use humor and wit – Animations are naturally designed to use humor and wit. After all, the first cartoons were designed to entertain and amuse people. You can tap into this natural quality of animated video and make a funny skit that you can have your characters act out to increase your leads and conversions.
  • As an explainer video– Do you have something you need to explain to your followers or do you want to use it to increase your regular viewers? Why not create an explainer video and then use it as part of your Facebook ads campaigns? Facebook allows you to post and promote videos and create video ads that will increase your leads and followers. You can adjust your spending to whatever your budget can afford.For more expert advice on animated marketing videos, please visit our Explainer Video page on our website.